MSGIA Full Suite of Risk Management Services

MSGIA Full Suite of Risk Management Services


By Shawn Bubb, Director of Insurance Services

Although experienced school district administrators and school board members are well aware that leveraging key partners’ resources such as those of the MSGIA helps districts achieve desired educational outcomes, new members of these important groups may not be so informed. Accordingly, given the significant turnover occurring in both areas, I offer for your consideration the following full review of the MSGIA risk-management services available to your district.


All MSGIA members have access to these services:

-        In-district and/or remote-risk management consultative services and trainings

-        Full Safe Schools online training library access

-        Three webinar trainings during FY22 on school security & security issues (SEC Jason Russel)

-        SEC-provided targeted social media monitoring for threats against the district, staff, or students

-        Assisting schools with annual risk-assessment process & emergency-management plan updates

-        MSGIA annual premium-renewal credit programs

-        Online claim reporting tools

-        Member online portal access for performance self-monitoring dashboards

-        The development of hazard assessments

-        Quarterly risk-management newsletters for staff and admin teams


WC Pool Members also have access to these resources:

-        Asbestos Re-inspections (once every three years at no additional cost to the district)

-        Pre-employment Physical Program evaluation for new hires, including custodial/maintenance & food service employees

-        Direct reimbursement for Early Return to Work (temporary light duty for returning injured employees – limited to 10% of annual premium)

-        Ergonomic assessments for staff

-        OSHA 300 reporting support and assistance

-        Safety Committee support and assistance


PC Pool members also have access to these unique benefits:

-        Playground Safety Inspections

-        School Bus Safety online trainings for transportation employees (including CDL training and test-prep courses)

-        SEC-provided Crisis and Communication support services

-        SEC-provided virtual district physical security/risk management assessment services

-        MSGIA auto accident claim reporting App for mobile devices

-        2 hrs annually – in-district school board training

-        2 hrs annually – Coaches and Sponsors training

-        2 hrs legal consultations on employment-related matters

-        2 hrs legal review of contract/forms language with recommendations for improvements

-        Cyber-network security self-assessment services

-        Cyber-event incident-response-plan development assistance

-        Reduced cost offering for Safe Schools Anonymous Tip Alert program (App for students & staff)


Please reach out if you would like additional information about any of these services.

Have a great school year ahead!


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