On-site Training

We offer a variety of opportunities for on site training for staff and boards alike.These training programs are tailored to suit the needs of each individual district. We can train on a wide variety of safety and risk management topics.

PIR days and early out days are popular times for school districts to request training. If you would like to request training in a specific subject area just contact us at 1-877-667-7392.


Legal Best Practices Training

MSGIA Member Legal Best Practices Training- One of the member benefits in the MSGIA self insured property & liability pool is receiving 2 hours of legal liability best practices training for your administrative team and school board annually. MSGIA has contracted with MTSBA's legal team to provide this training to our members. Highlighted areas to be covered in the training will be: Key areas of risk for Montana Public Schools, Employment Practices, Liability Issues, Common Employee Claims Reviewed, Students Rights, Due Process, Common Student Claims, Premise Liability, Claims for the Public, and Current Case Law Review. If you are interested in scheduling this training for the coming months, please contact Shawn Bubb. Where appropriate we will look at regionalizing these training opportunities.