Shoes for Crews

MSGIA Announces a new program aimed at reducing the frequency of slip and fall injuries. We have been working with a much respected company ‘Shoes for Crews’ which specializes in providing footwear for the restaurant and custodial industries. Their shoes are designed specifically to prevent slips and falls on wet and greasy surfaces that are found in food service and custodial positions. Click for more information on the shoe technology.
To begin the purchasing process for shoes for crews, click on the purchase now icon on the right of the screen and type in your zip code. A list of schools in that zip code will appear, and from there you can log in and begin shopping for shoes. The Superintendent and Business Manager for each school district are authorized purchasers for each district. The school district is responsible for the purchases and will be invoiced for purchases by Shoes For Crews.

Shoes for Crews also has several testimonials from companies telling of their experiences but we wanted to make sure for ourselves so over the last 8 months we have run a pilot program with several schools to determine how well the shoes work for preventing slips and falls. The comments we received back from the pilot schools were positive in this regard and when comparing the number and frequency of losses there was a significant reduction in the losses. The pilot schools over the last 4 years averaged $168,000 in losses from slips and falls on wet surfaces in one year. Over the past 8 months there have been $7,500 in losses.

We also received positive feedback from the employees on the effectiveness of the shoes. One Maintenance/Custodian employee said "I tried your shoes during the summer. I found that they work very well while I am stripping the floors and preparing them for waxing. I did not slip during this process. It was very nice to have the confidence of not sliding around while running the machine up and down the hallways."
We have negotiated a corporate discount for our members. This program also gives us access to the 'Shoes for Crews' warranty. They are so confident in their shoes that they will pay up to the first $5,000 of any workers compensation claim that occurs from a fall on wet/greasy surfaces provided the shoes are less than six months old. Click for more information about the warranty.
'Shoes for Crews' also offer a 60 day customer satisfaction guarantee. The shoes can be exchanged or refunded in the first 60 days for any reason. For more information click here.
Important Note: These shoes are not designed for outside or icy conditions, so we suggest an outdoor work boot or using some thing like Yak Trax.