What is MAP-21 and How Can MSGIA Be of Assistance?

By Shawn Bubb, Director of Insurance Services, Annette Satterly, Risk Management Associate and School Bus Safety Company

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMSCA) has issued new regulations regarding training for school bus drivers who are first-time CDL holders. Referred to as Moving Ahead for Progress 2021, or MAP-21, the new regulations apply to all locations that train school bus drivers who require a Class A or Class B CDL License. Any driver receiving a CDL after February 7, 2022, will need to follow these stringent new regulations and will thus require additional training.

There are two key parts to the regulations:

  1. Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements
  2. All locations charged with training bus drivers (even online classes) need to be listed in the Trainer Provider Registry (TPR)

Also, please note that we strongly recommended that every location implement a Safety   

Management System (SMS).

  1. Entry-Level Driver Training
The new requirements are detailed in federal regulations 49 CFR Parts 380, 383, and 384. These regulations address both classroom and behind-the-wheel (BTW) training. There are a total of 63 subjects detailed in the classroom requirements and 30 practices required in the BTW training. In total, these regulations, subjects, and practices cover the general training, the passenger endorsement, and the school bus endorsement.

MSGIA has purchased the School Bus Safety Company computer modules for the districts in our Property and Casualty Program. These classes may be accessed through Safe Schools. Many of your drivers have already been taking these classes for continuing education.

All of the 26 online courses provided, plus the new online MAP 21 supplemental course (which has also been provided by MSGIA), cover the practices required to meet the Entry-Level Driver Training.

The MSGIA has purchased the content material for the seven online CDL test-training courses and practice exams, which can be accessed in the School Safety section of the Safe Schools website.  The test is also included with the above online material. Each driver trainee must take a written test and achieve at least an 80% to pass.

  1. Trainer Provider Registry

Each district that trains drivers must become a Training Provider. MSGIA has put together a short video tutorial explaining how to complete this task. Once you are a training provider and have received your unique Identification Training Number, you can train your new drivers using the online school bus safety content so that they can get their CDL. The final test is a driving test the trainee completes at the Motor Vehicle Department.

You may access the tutorial video link here:

  1. The Safety Management System

Every district should develop and follow a safety management system. This system should identify hazards in the operation and list actions to mitigate those hazards. For example, there is a very good chance that the stairs in the bus will become slippery with snow and ice (as a reminder, in these instances non-slip tape on the first and last step will reduce the chances of a slip and fall). Your MSGIA Risk Managers are available for consultation and are happy to assist in these areas.

By working with the tools provided through the MSGIA and our training partners, all our Property and Liability pool members can easily be compliant with the new federal standards.  As always, if you have questions about the process, we at the MSGIA are here to help! Return to newsletter