Safe Schools New Face Lift

Safe Schools New Face-Lift

By Annette Satterly, MSGIA Risk Management Associate, and Harry Cheff, MSGIA Risk Management Associate

Vector Solutions (the parent company for Safe Schools) has announced that they have updated their system. This change took take effect March 1, 2023. MSGIA sent news of this update to you in February/March, and we are sending it out again along with a reminder. We want to reassure you that you do not need to change anything! Everything that the district has assigned will carry over with the update. Most notably, customized settings will remain the same and so will custom courses. 

As for the changes that you will likely notice, which are designed to make using the system more user-friendly, they are as follows. 

1.     The administrator no longer needs to toggle into the administrative section. Instead, it will be available on the assignment page.

2.     The page has been updated to be more functional for the hearing- and sight-impaired users.

3.     The administrator may now choose up to 30 assignments at a time when assigning training, rather than assigning each class individually.

4.     The button to ensure that emails are being sent is much easier to see.

5.     Certificates may now be customized by the district and signatures may be added. 

The biggest difference will be the overall look of the system. We are used to the following being the first page seen by the administrator:

Now, the first page will look like this:

All of the administrative buttons will be visible on the first page, and only administrators will be able to see the administrative buttons.  The employees will see the assigned training and the top two buttons on the left (training history and extra training).

The Training Plan Page used to look like this:

Now it will look like this:

All buttons still need to be filled or marked to ensure the program will publish the class. There will be a place to choose the library and class topic, the list of people assigned to the class, the effective date, the due date, the place to publish the class, etc. The publish button will now look like the picture below and will stand alone. 

The reports will be generated the same and will still drop into Excel. Their names are going to be slightly different. For example, instead of “Person Compliance” it will read Compliance by Employee.

Another change that will look different is the email page. It is currently under the preferences tab and looks like this:

The Preference Tab will now be called Settings. The email page will now look like this:

To view the webinar on your own, please use the following link. The webinar lasts approximately half an hour.   

Here is a recorded version of the webinar


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. We will be happy to walk you through the changes that will be occurring. You may reach us at or at Thank you! Return to newsletter