New Risk Management Associate

Meet MSGIA’s Newest Risk Management Associate

By Shawn Bubb, Director of Insurance Services, and Brenda Koch, Risk Management Associate

Recently, MTSBA and the MSGIA were fortunate to hire our newest Risk Management Associate. Brenda Koch was the K-12 Executive Director overseeing 17 schools in the Billings Public School district for the past 12 years.  Brenda was also a former superintendent, principal, teacher, and coach, spanning an impressive career of 28 years in the Montana K-12 public educational system. 

Brenda understands from firsthand experience the complexities of daily school operations, staffing demands, and safety concerns, and she also knows well how to work with parents and partner with local community members.  Her work in education is extensive and will greatly enhance her ability to help your district find creative solutions to risk management challenges and opportunities in building projects, staffing adjustments, difficult student behavior situations, and constrained fiscal realities.

Brenda has an expansive understanding of the MSGIA from the outset.  She had the pleasure of serving on the MSGIA board of directors for 13 years, the last eight as board chair.  Thus, she comes to this role understanding well the MSGIA programs that align with the needs of the school districts with which she will be working.

Brenda firmly believes in the quality and responsive service the MSGIA provides school districts, and she is eager to personally assist the districts she works with to provide a safe and welcoming learning and work environment for your students and staff.  As she shared recently when discussing her hands-on approach to this work, “When my name pops up on your caller ID and/or email, it is me – reaching out to assist you in all things with the MSGIA.  Best wishes on a successful and energizing start to the 23-24 school year!  I am excited to start the next phase of my career in education; only this time, I have the pleasure of assisting districts across the great state of Montana!” Back to newsletter