The Safety Education Initiative

The Safety Education Initiative (S.E.I.)

By Annette Satterly, MSGIA Risk Management Associate, and Harry Cheff, MSGIA Risk Management Associate

MSGIA is excited to announce the Safety Education Initiative (S.E.I) for our worker's compensation members. Using the Vector Solutions Safe Schools Program that we provide for you will allow the district to earn money for safety equipment. 

How? Great question!

1.)   Ensure that your employees are loaded into the Safe Schools System.

2.)   Assign training from the approved list of courses (which has been included).

3.)   Monitor the completion rates to ensure that enough of your employees have completed the required training. We will also be watching the progress. The percentage of employees and number of required hours of training is listed below. 

4.)   Notify your risk manager to discuss the safety equipment you wish to purchase.

5.)   Your risk manager will approve the purchase.

6.)   The district orders the equipment and sends a receipt to the risk manager.

7.)   The risk manager has a reimbursement check sent to the district.

The list of approved classes:

For assistance with loading employees into the system, questions about Safe Schools, questions about the SEI or getting purchases approved, please contact your Risk Manager. Their contact information is listed below: 

Annette Satterly


Brenda Koch



Harry Cheff


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