August Emergency Response Training

School security issues have always been an important topic in K-12 public education, but they are rapidly rising to top of school agendas not just in Montana but country wide. School boards and administrative teams discuss each week what they are currently doing in this space and what more they potentially could do to further ensure the physical safety of their students and staff.

For districts in the greater Billings area, the Billings police department will be conducting a two day train the trainer course on Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder. The event will be held on August 8 & 9 in Billings at the airport. Students will review concepts in site security assessments, lessons learned from past incidents, emergency response decision making, Ad-hoc barricading, cover and concealment techniques, and the development of effective immediate response plans. The course costs $235 and is structured to teach concepts the first day and the second day is geared around train the trainer instruction so the skills and information can be recreated for your school team back home by the person or persons you send to the course. A course flier is posted on the MSGIA website with more information about the event. As other opportunities come up statewide we will let our members know how to access these resources.

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